Morgan Knight

Morgan Knight

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Walking Into Darkness - New Adult Paranormal Romance

Walking Into Darkness:
Samantha’s Story
As the wayward child of a sternly traditional family, Samantha yearns to break away, but life is conspiring against her. She can’t find work, and that meant swallowing her pride and asking to move back home. Things couldn’t get any worse…or so she thinks.
When a woman who looks just like Samantha comes to her and claims to be her long lost sister, Samantha’s world starts to fall apart. She has to sift through a lifetime of lies and secrets to get to the truth, and in doing so she attracts some very dangerous attention.
On her quest for answers, Samantha finds herself falling for William, a handsome and devout man who had plans of his own, including joining the priesthood. Now he’s helping her, but as temptation clashes with his calling, he has new battles of his own to fight.
As the truth is finally uncovered, Samantha learns she is part of an ancient prophesy, a prophesy that it may just cost Samantha her life…
WARNING: This book is recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual scenes.

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After I took the meal orders from the group I envied, I turned, and ran smack into Father O’Keefe. I said a mental Hail Mary and made the sign of the cross in front of my chest before I comprehended what happened. I was either in shock over his presence, or surprised because my mind and body acknowledged him the way they had. “Hello, Father O’Keefe.” I stood stunned as he smiled. I never cared much for him, and I bet he liked me even less than I liked him. 
“Samantha, my daughter.” Father O’Keefe greeted me with an angelic face, but beneath his robes contained a sinner like me.
“Do you have a seating preference?” I tried to maintain some sense of professionalism when a gorgeous vision stepped from behind Father O’Keefe and took my breath away. 
“Samantha, have you ever met William? I suspect you haven’t, since you use services to catch up on your rest,” Father O’Keefe stated sarcastically. 
“Hi, nice to meet you, Samantha.” William smiled and shook my hand. 
I only nodded. My shock was getting the better of me. If I got to look at him during services, I might have stayed awake. 
Father O’Keefe could sense my attraction and immediately extinguished it. “William will be entering the priesthood and meeting his higher calling in life.” 
Hell, he could have just slapped the shit out of me, because it would have felt better than being deflated in mere seconds. I had questions, and a lot of them, but I wasn’t surprised at this point. 
“Congratulations,” I said, trying to smile. What in the world should a person say? I really wanted to give him my condolences, but the sentiment wouldn’t go over too well. Plus, Father O’Keefe would inform my father, and I’d receive yet another lecture concerning my mouth and actions. 
Motioning for them to follow, I walked ahead, trying to regain what dignity I had left. The group I served the drinks to quieted as I seated his royal highness and hello hottie next to them. The prayer, “Bless me father for I have sinned,” crossed my mind. I ruined table four’s evening. 
“What would you like to drink to start off with?” I asked, knowing I wouldn’t be hearing the word beer cross their lips. 
“Water will suffice.” Father O’Keefe replied and I wanted to gag. 
Water will suffice? Whatever. I tried to keep my fake smile plastered to my face and excused myself. I hoped the next test I’d have to endure would be walking across hot coals. Gee, somehow that sounded better then serving him did. 
I walked back to the Father’s table with two glasses of water, and I wondered why in the world he’d come to a bar and grill. People were smoking, drinking, cursing, and basically committing any number of sins inside the place. My eyes roamed over William’s angular and well-built face. He had a strong jaw, and nice plump lips that smiled at me. I blushed instantly. The room heated up quickly as I gazed into his deep chestnut eyes. They sparkled, and I almost swore I saw mischief in them. His hair resembled a super models. It was all tousled and wild. The style gave him a boyish, clean-cut appearance. Ah, yum. I fell into a trance until Father O’Keefe yanked me out with a stern clearing of his throat. 
“Oh, sorry. Would you like to start off with an appetizer?” I wanted to thump myself in the forehead for staring, and more than likely licking my lips as William grinned at me. He had the cutest dimple on his left cheek when he grinned, making my heart go pitter-patter. The magical region down low tingled.
Father O’Keefe gave me a sigh of disappointment and turned toward William, who quickly dropped his smile and straightened his posture. “Just dinner, Samantha.” He gave me a disapproving glare and rambled off his order, and William followed with his own.
When my pen stopped, I turned immediately and dashed for the kitchen. I hoped to find a wall to pound my thick head against. What was I doing by giving William the ‘come hither’ invitation with bedroom eyes? Stupid, stupid. I cursed myself as I entered the busy prep area of the kitchen. The man would be entering the priesthood, and all I wanted to do was press my lips against his firm, plump mouth. My stomach felt queasy. Gah, I was attracted to him.

 Hot Excerpt:

He slowly pulled my jeans and panties off, dropping them to the floor. I was mesmerized by the sight of him. Tall, lean, and built to perfection. His plump lips curved into a sensual grin as he began to unbutton his jeans. I quivered and watched, almost demanding that he hurry up. The zipper eased down at a snail’s pace, and my stomach flip flopped with enthusiasm.
“Gorgeous.” I exhaled the word as he pushed his jeans and boxers down. Muscles rippled down his stomach, flexing, delighting my eyes. He was perfection, from his sexy tousled hair, deep chocolate eyes, and plump lips to his fit and toned body. I dare guess, but if a god designed William, I was grateful and in awe of him.
William’s erection popped out, and I couldn’t help but gasp loudly. Hot moisture continued to build at the apex of my legs. He held himself and lightly stroked his length as I watched. I wiggled my finger for him to come to me. I scooted back on the bed and he followed. He crawled forward slowly, with fierce eyes, a predator victorious with his prey in his sights. He was large and opposing compared to me. The soft light of the moon highlighted his beautiful features. Tan skin wrapped over his magnificent body. His wide chest beckoned me to touch. He offered a devilish grin as he lower his body over mine, trapping me under him.
He stared at me for a moment as if creating a memory. His sensual eyes flickered with enjoyment before he nipped my bottom lip, teasing me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed his neck and pulled his mouth against mine. We were almost there, finally naked, in a bed, alone. I wiggled with anticipation when our tongues delved deep, hungry and wanting. William’s hand began a tortuous glide from my collarbone down over my breast, easing further to my stomach that clenched tight. It had been so long since I had been touched so intimately, but nothing could hold a candle to this experience.
He positioned his weight on one arm and leaned to the side. Our lips continued to seek more, kissing, nipping, tongues dancing together. I arched my back and moaned into his mouth when he moved lower and invaded my entrance with his finger. I was unraveling quickly and hummed as my body writhed, hips thrust, begging for more.
“William,” I whispered through my ragged breaths. My fingertips dug into his chest as his pace increased. He placed kisses down my neck as he continued heighten my arousal. God, I was so close, panting with my impeding release.
“Let go, Samantha. Show me how I make you feel,” he whispered between kisses as he reached my breast with his mouth.
His soft lips sealed over my pert nub, his hot tongue flicking over it, pushing me into a wonderland of bright lights and brilliant colors. I wanted to scream as the intensity tore through me, making my body shake and quiver. William kissed me hard and absorbed the noise. I let go completely, succumbing to desire. A small squeal echoed through the room as I crested. I felt light headed, giddy, and overcome with such a joyous emotion I giggled against his lips. It was as if someone had taken the past week and wiped it out of my head, leaving me in high spirits, unable to contain the exploding bliss in my heart and body.
William caressed my cheek, adoring me with his sensual eyes. He reached to the nightstand and opened the drawer. Apparently he had planned in advance, because he pulled out a silver packet. Thank goodness he had. He grinned as his eyes locked onto mine. With his teeth he ripped open the foil and sat back on his knees. I watched with wide eyes and wetted my lips while he rolled the latex down excruciatingly slow. I needed to feel him inside me, joining us together once and for all.
“Please, William.” My voice cracked, sounding nothing like me. I was a quivering mess of need when it came to him. My heart pounded when he leaned over and smiled against my lips.
“Impatient are we?” He teased.
“Yes,” I moaned out my reply and felt him press against my entrance. I closed my eyes and reveled in the invasion, squeezing his biceps tight while I groaned with complete abandonment.
William growled and surged forward until he was completely inside of me.
“Yessss!” I cried out, trying so hard to be quiet. It was hard, because it felt so fucking wonderful. My legs wrapped around his waist, keeping him where I wanted him.
“Samantha,” William hissed and retracted, pushing back in again as his mouth crashed against mine.
Our wicked flesh moved back and forth over the soft sheets. Each delicious movement caused my body to quake in his arms. It was magical, so sinfully magical. The feel, the pressure, and the weight of him pinning me down were heavenly. If indeed such a place existed, it was there, in his arms. My heart swelled with love and overflowed. I felt different, more alive, stronger, happier, connected. I groaned with satisfaction and allowed the next wave to pull me under. We were joined, allowing our bodies to communicate the unspoken words of our hearts. 

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